by Karen

When I listen to others I tend to be analysing at the same time. Is this a good trait and method?

Included in this is my empathising with their situation and listening but in my head comparing to my own experiences in order to offer practical advice.

After many years of life experience I feel this has become a habit.

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Is Analysing a Conversation Really Listening?
by: Ann

Hi Karen

If I understand you correctly, you are asking if it is OK to offer practical advice based on your own life experiences. Or does this interfere with the process of listening?

Sometimes people value what you have to say and want that guidance. At other times, they just want to be listened to so that they can clarify their own thoughts.

I personally find it is best to stay focused on helping the individual come to their own conclusions by asking good probing and reflective questions.

However, if they ask for you advice, it is helpful to say something like: "If I was in your situation, this is what I would do.." rather than "You should do x"

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