Conflict In The Workplace Overview

Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. Yet many people go through the working day attempting to ignore potential conflict situations.

Destructive conflict can do long term damage not just to personal relationships at work, but also to your business. It leads to mistrust, tension and can be a major block to progress.

On the other hand, constructive conflict is a very healthy process to have in a business. It makes people ask "Why?" and it leads to fresh thinking.

In this section, you will discover what is conflict, what are the major causes of conflict and how it develops. Strategies to incorporate into your conflict management style are explored, along with conflict resolution tips.

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Definition of Conflict

Examines how individuals perceive conflict in different ways. Looks at the causes of conflict and how role conflict/team conflict can develop. Strategies for reducing unhealthy conflict in these situations are also explored.

Conflict Theory

This page explains the stages of conflict and the importance of having a positive mindset in order to minimise unhealthy conflict. It gives strategies on dealing with complex conflict situations, where many issues and people may be involved.

Conflict Resolution Tips

The key to managing conflict is to deal with it at an early stage. Here you will find six practical steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of a conflict developing. These steps will also help you to resolve a conflict which has reached a point where it is a crisis or near crisis.

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