How to Manage Your Corporate Leadership Training

There are many corporate leadership training programmes on the market. But how do you know which one is the best for your business? Consider these options.

Public Leadership  Programmes

If your potential or existing leaders attend a public programme, there are many benefits. They can learn from both peers and tutors and return to the business with renewed motivation and fresh ideas - if the programme is well designed.

Ideally the programme will be in modular form, with interaction, practical exercises and discussion. If spread over a period of time, it allows the learner to put into practice new ideas and skills.

It is very important that their manager coaches the attendee before attending the learning event, in order to get the most out of the programme. The manager also needs to take the time afterwards to support the attendee in transferring the learning back into the workplace.

Online Learning Programmes

Elearning technology is advancing rapidly and online webinars, google hangouts and other tools are allowing people to receive learning from remote locations. This can work well for corporate leadership training, particularly if combined with some classroom-based workshops.

corportate leadership training

In-Company Programmes

By organising an in-company corporate leadership training programme, your employees will not only benefit from training that can be targeted to your specific business and personal needs, they will also learn to work better together, as a team.

You are likely to see a consensus approach towards making change happen which can have a very positive impact on the business. For example, one client we worked with saw a real change in the way meetings were conducted.

Another benefit is that the managers can practice the skills learned on actual work challenges between workshops, and reflect on them back in the learning environment.

If you decide an in-company programme is the right option for you, this is where In-Tuition can help.

What do you expect learners to do afterwards?

Typically, corporate leadership training is delivered so that those attending will contribute more to the business, come up with fresh ideas, and be more skilled at managing people. Whatever the reason, be very clear what your expectations are.

If you are in a restaurant, you don't ask for meat. You might order a medium rare fillet steak with pepper sauce on the side.

The same rule applies with training; focus in on your business issues and what outcomes you want. Agree exactly what will be covered with the trainers involved in facilitating the programme.

What resources do you have available?

How much time can you invest in the training? From our experience, dividing the programme into one day workshops held a few weeks apart is very effective, with project work to apply learning between sessions.

Will you host the training in-house or at a local venue? The latter is a better option if possible: there will be less interruptions to the programme and it allows participants to switch out of work mode into a learning mode.
Just as in a restaurant, a good setting and atmosphere makes all the difference to the success of a corporate leadership training programme. You will be investing in course fees and employee time, so it makes sense to do it right.

Why use In-Tuition?

In-Tuition facilitators have over 25 years experience working in the leadership and management field. The proven corporate leadership training programme has been well received by corporate organisations in the multinational sector. These are typical workshops delivered:

In-Tuition Learning and Development
  • Communication Skills for Leaders
  • Presentation and Facilitation Skills
  • Leading and Motivating your Team
  • Performance Appraisal and Feedback
  • Effective Conflict Management and Assertiveness
  • Change Management
  • Coaching for Excellence
  • Managing Your Time and Wellbeing

Want to find out more?

Contact In-Tuition on +353 91 770873. We also deliver on public speaking engagements at leadership and management conference events.

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