Free Webinars on Management Skills

Click on the links below to download recordings of our recent free webinars (online training sessions).

They can be obtained as part of the companion workbook package - designed to help you apply the ideas in the webinar in a practical, step by step way.

What is a Webinar?

what is a webinar?

A webinar is an event held over the internet at a specific time/date. You need a computer, an internet connection and a phone connection. Regular phones can be used, but a handsfree headset with a USB connection to your computer is recommended.

People that register for the webinar are able to access the organiser's screen once the webinar has started. A large number of attendees can join. The organiser can allow attendees to be "unmuted" so that they can ask a question for everyone to hear, or take part in a discussion.

If attendees do not wish to speak, they can also communicate by typing into a "chat" window. The organiser normally makes a presentation and stops to ask questions either verbally or in writing to get the audience involved.

What are some of the benefits of Webinars?

If you want to receive training, but don't have the time or resources to attend a typical classroom session, a webinar is one way to get learning.

If you have to give training to a group of people in a range of locations, a webinar will eliminate the traditional travel and subsistence costs involved.

Webinars are great for businesses who want to interact with their customers so they can find out their needs.

Webinars are not just for training - they allow any type of interaction between people over the internet.

Why use a Webinar instead of Skype or a Google Hangout?

Webinars have many additional benefits, such as allowing you to effortlessly handle a large audience, create interactive polls and track if your audience are paying attention.

It creates the initial webinar invitation, handles bookings and registration and provides great information such as statistics on who registered, who attended and their opinions on the webinar. Automated emails take care of all the administration and engagement with your attendees.

Webinar software such as that provided by Citrix Online manages the whole process for you.

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