How Do People Communicate at Work? Find Answers in our Webinar

How do people communicate at work? Have you ever wondered why your message can often be misunderstood and instructions misinterpreted?

Our How to Communicate Effectively in the Workplace webinar examines this important issue. How do people communicate?

The webinar is designed to help you connect with others - both in the workplace and in your private life. You will learn ways to deal effectively with scenarios such as:

  • What should you do when an employee comes to you and they are angry/upset? You need to tread very carefully.. how should you react? what should you say?
  • You have a meeting with an important client. You want to make a good connection with her/him. What can you do to get the best result?
  • You have to meet with an employee and discuss their progress. What can you do/say to make it go smoothly?
  • Your manager is making it very difficult for you to get your work done. How can you tell him, without damaging his ego and damaging your relationship?

In the webinar, you will discover:

  • how we communicate
  • what is the best communication method for your message
  • how to use your body language, tone of voice and words to connect with others
  • how to develop a workplace communication strategy
  • the barriers to communication - and how to overcome them
  • specific tools for listening to and delivering a message in difficult situations

Guest speaker, George Coyle from Domino Consultancy Services, is an experienced Communications Trainer, Business and Executive Coach who will join us for the webinar and share his experience from working with clients on an international basis.

Date: 22 February 2011

Download a recording of the webinar along with our How to Communicate Effectively in the Workplace Workbook.

You can also obtain it as part of a full webinar set in the Essential Management Workbook Collection.

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