How To Make A Presentation That Wows Your Audience


Do you want to make a great impression on your audience? The How to Make a Presentation Audio Guide answers the key questions managers have about making a presentation that really works.

If you are nervous about presenting, or even avoid giving presentations altogether, you are not alone.

The Audio Guide will help you each step of the way, giving you pointers and direction to help you improve your presentation techniques and present with style. The content is based on years of corporate experience and delivery of presentation skills workshops.

Hear answers to the questions listed below which are covered in the Audio Guide:

Section 1: First Steps

1. What can I do to prevent my fear of presenting?

2. I don't have much experience of presenting. What kind of presentations are the easiest to start with?

3. I know I should present to others, but I keep putting it off, telling myself that I need more time to prepare. What should I do?

4. I have a presentation opportunity coming up. How can I prepare?

5. Should I use PowerPoint?

6. What other visual aids can I use?

Section 2: Thinking about your Delivery

7. I get very nervous before I present. What can I do about that?

8. What do I need to think of in terms of presentation delivery?

9. How can I connect with my audience?

10. How can I prevent my audience from getting bored when I present?

11. When I ask questions, I get a wall of silence. How can I get my audience to interact more?

12. I am worried as some of the audience are likely to be confrontational. How can I handle that?

Section 3: In the Spotlight

13. My presentation time is limited. How can I keep my presentation on track? What if my mind goes blank?

14. What can I do to stop fidgeting when I present?

15. How can I hide my nerves?

16. What if I get asked a question, and I don't know the answer, or I can't think clearly?

17. Is what I wear important when I present?

18. What venue arrangements do I need to think about?

19. How do I know if my presentation is a success?

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