How To Motivate Employees

The Motivation and Performance Appraisal Audio Guide gives you answers to key concerns managers have about how to motivate employees. 
It also gives you straightforward advice on the subject of employee performance appraisals as these topics are closely linked.

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What are others saying?

Sonia Woods, Director, GPA Solutions had this to say:

"The Audio Guide gives a good introduction and very clear points on how to motivate employees and employee appraisal. After listening I had a much clearer understanding and it gave me some good ideas which I will take into the workplace.

I liked the terminology and structure of the audio. It was easy to understand and follow and kept me interested, while at the same time addressing my needs. I particularly liked the question and answer format - the questions were exactly what I would have asked myself! And the answers were clear, concise and relevant.

I liked being able to replay different sections. When I listened to it a second time I felt I retained more information. It eliminates the need to attend a training seminar and frees up time for busy managers such as myself!

I would definitely recommend this product. It offers good value for money and covers all the relevant points."

How do I know if the audio answers my questions on how to motivate employees?

Here are some of the questions covered in the audio:

  • How can I find out what motivates my employees?
  • How can I generate more 2 way communication in the workplace?
  • My employees do what is expected of them, but I wish they were more enthusiastic. Is there anything I can do?
  • Why is it that some managers seem to motivate their employees better than others?
  • How can I motivate my staff when I can’t afford to pay them more?
  • A culture of mistrust has built up in our business over the years. How can I break the cycle of negativity?

Click here to see the questions on performance appraisal which are also covered in the audio guide.

Still having doubts?

I'd like to eliminate them. Some of you might be thinking:

I'm not sure I have the time to listen to an audio..

That's OK. You will receive a written transcript in .pdf format that you can download and read at your leisure.

What if I have trouble with the download?..

You will receive a next day personal reply to any email queries regarding the audio guide. You can also avail of telephone hot line support for 6 months after purchase - inclusive in the purchase price!

I'm still not sure it will be worth the money..

Our material is not "lightweight" - it is based on 30 years+ experience in the workplace.

So let's review:

...for only €19.75 you receive:

  1. The Motivation and Performance Appraisal Audio Guide
  2. A written transcript of all the questions and answers for reference
  3. 6 months telephone support to help you apply the ideas in audio
  4. 100% money back guarantee

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