How To Train Others EBook


Do your participants fall asleep during training?

If you are a trainer and this happens to you, it can feel terrifying. You just want the whole thing to be over as soon as possible. You may feel that the cause of the problem is the cramped room, or poor ventilation, or the boring subject matter, or something else.

But... could it be your approach?

If you are a subject expert and want to be sure that your approach to training others is effective, then the How to Train Others eBook is for you.

Follow the step by step guide outlined in this eBook so that you can get the full attention of your participants - and ensure that they leave the room energised and ready to apply the learning.

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What makes this eBook different?

I set up the training function for a major healthcare multinational when it first came to Ireland some years ago. We trained hundreds of people, and learned how to do it so that learners "got it right first time" and had fun in the process. I have delivered a number of Trainer Skills programmes since then across most business sectors.

Participants are amazed at how creative training can be, and how it can make a substantial difference to learner progress when carried out in a professional way. This eBook is a result of 30 years experience in the field. It is packed with practical tips that will help make your training fun, interactive and memorable.

How do I know if it will give me the answers I need?

The How to Train Others eBook covers what you need to do, step by step. It also covers the pitfalls to avoid - so no more disgruntled learners! You will discover how people learn and how to design and deliver training. The approach needed for handling individuals vs groups is covered, and how to build in measures of the impact of your training.

What are others saying about the How to Train Others eBook?

The eBook forms part of our Trainer Skills Programme. Here is what one client has to say:

"The eBook acts as an excellent resource to ensure the concepts (from the Trainer Skills Programme) are used consistently." Michael Ledwith, Head of Training and Development, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Co Clare, Ireland

What does the eBook contain?

Here is a summary of the eBook contents:

  • What makes a Good Trainer?
  • How do People Learn?
  • Fostering a Learning Climate
  • Maximising Learning Transfer
  • What is Systematic Training?
  • How to Identify Learning Needs
  • Job Analysis Made Easy
  • How to Design a Learning Programme
  • 5 Step Approach to One to One Training
  • Planning and Delivering a Practical Demonstration
  • Motivating Learners and Giving Feedback
  • Managing Difficult Learners
  • Presenting vs. Facilitating
  • How to Deliver Group Training
  • Dealing with Nerves
  • Event Management
  • Training Review and Evaluation

Still having doubts?

I'd like to eliminate them. Some of you might be thinking:

I'm not sure I have the time to read another ebook..

That's OK. The book is designed to be a reference point; just dip in and out of sections as you need them.

What if I have trouble with the download?..

You will receive a next day personal reply to any email queries regarding the eBook. You can also avail of telephone hot line support for 1 month after purchase - inclusive in the purchase price!

I'm still not sure it will be worth the money..

Our material is not "lightweight" - it is based on 30 year experience in the workplace. The eBook is packed with practical tips that you can apply straight away.

  • The “How to Train Others eBook
  • 1 months telephone support to help you apply the ideas
  • 100% money back guarantee

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