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iManage, Issue #40 - 3 Steps to Building Credibility as a Manager
September 02, 2013


iManage, Issue #40 - 3 Steps to Building Credibility as a Manager

As a manager, you rely on others to get things done and to go the extra mile for a customer or project. You need to be able to influence your team in a positive way – and if they respect your way of working, the process is much easier!

A positive reputation in business is important and our relationships with others in the workplace depend on it. Here are 3 steps to help you build your credibility.

Step 1: Under Promise and Over Deliver

How many times do you hear people promise that they will call by a certain date, or meet a deadline, only to let you down? This often happens when people are over-enthusiastic or keen to please – but it has the opposite effect.

Take care when making promises if you want people to think of you as someone they can trust and rely on. It is much better to surprise them with an earlier than expected response.

Step 2: Lead by Example

If you are casual with your timekeeping, talk about others in your business in a negative light or tend to focus on the downside of situations, then you can’t expect your team to do anything different! Next time you want to let off steam and complain, think twice. No-one likes being around negativity. See problems as challenges and take a constructive approach if you want to be respected in the workplace.

Step 3: Be Versatile

Sometimes, when people rise through an organisation, their ego can become inflated. They become so self-confident that they don’t bother to ask the opinion of others if a decision is needed.

Managers who have built a good reputation are less likely to behave that way. They know that if the ship is sinking, they will have to make a fast decision. They also know that many situations require the input of others, so they adapt their leadership style to suit.

Building a positive reputation at work takes time. Being aware of the need to cultivate good habits - even in small steps – can make a big difference to how you are perceived by others in the workplace.

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Best wishes

Ann Halloran

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