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iManage, Issue #22 -- 3 Steps to Completing Employee Performance Review Forms
May 05, 2011


3 Steps to Completing Employee Performance Review Forms

Do you dread that time of year when you have to complete employee performance review forms?

In many companies they are seen as an unfortunate paperwork exercise that has no value. Yet if completed correctly, they can support constructive discussions that lead to highly motivated employees - and a positive impact on business success.

So as a manager, what can you do to get the best result? Here are three steps to follow:

Step 1: Focus on the Facts

A major pitfall to avoid is coming up with subjective judgements - often based on what happened last week. At the beginning of the appraisal year, start taking notes on situations that went well, and those that did not go so well - which provide an opportunity for learning and development.

Focus on the facts of what happened in each situation, not on personality traits. When it comes to the appraisal interview, everything you say needs to be supported by evidence.

Step 2: Let go of the Likeability Factor

We all know people we are drawn to, perhaps because we share common interests or a sense of humour. If you have to complete a performance review form for these people - beware!

Are you letting your connection cloud your judgement? Are you giving an employee a less glowing assessment, because they have a different viewpoint to yours?

Get your own manager to stress test your assessments, so that you are being as fair as possible with the whole team.

Step 3: Make it Motivational

When you have completed a performance review form, take an objective look at the finished document. Have you made any statements that could be deemed unfair, or interpreted as a personal attack? Have you interpreted the assessment questions in the way they were meant?

At the end of the day, the form needs to support an appraisal interview that motivates the employee. Ensure you have a good balance between strengths and areas for improvement, and that you are focusing on what is really valuable for the business and the individual.

Next month we will look at how to conduct employee appraisal interviews. In the meantime, download our workbook: How to Build Motivation in the Workplace. In the workbook, you will discover lots of practical tips for motivating employees and conducting performance appraisals.

For a full list of our management workbooks and free templates, click here.

Finally - don't miss the first in our summer series of free webinars on Tuesday 24 May, entitled "Transformational Leadership: Followership, Leadership and Crisis".. details to follow shortly!

Best wishes

Ann Halloran

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