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iManage, Issue #019 --3 Steps to Improving Morale in the Workplace
February 07, 2011

3 Steps to Improving Morale in the Workplace

Stephen manages a company providing security services. He has steady contracts, but morale in the workplace has been dropping. Although their jobs are secure in the months ahead, the general feeling of doom and gloom in the economy is having an impact.

His employees are feeling less secure, less positive about the future and more pre-occupied with their own worries. The result? Stephen's customers are not getting the standard of care he knows is necessary to maintain business in the long term.

If you find yourself in a similar position to Stephen, what can you do to turn the situation around? Here are 3 steps to think about.

Step 1: Open the Window

A bad atmosphere can hang around a company like a dense, damp fog - that seems to stick to everything. Open the window and let in some fresh air. What subtle changes can you make, to stir things up in a positive way? For example, a fresh coat of paint, a new office layout, an updated uniform or even an early spring clean can all help to improve the atmosphere. Getting employees involved in creating something new makes it even better.

Step 2: Catch the Sunlight

Sometimes we can be so busy working towards targets that we lose sight of the progress and the small successes we achieve along the way. Appreciate the sunshine when it breaks through the fog. Start taking notes of the good things that happen. Communicate small but significant good news to your employees in a way that suits your business. For example, through one to one or group meetings, a post on the social networking sites or a newsletter. Good feelings can spread just as quickly as bad ones, given the right energy.

Step 3: Get above the Cloud

When negativity exists, it is harder for employees to see a clear way forward. It is at times like these that a clear vision for the future is critical. Take a helicopter view of where you are now, and where you need to get to. Communicate your vision with passion to your employees, and highlight the role they play in achieving it. You want your employees to deal with customers in a confident, upbeat way that gets results. Are you leading by example?

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Ann Halloran

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