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iManage, Issue #35 - 3 Steps to Transformational Leadership in the Workplace
October 03, 2012


3 Steps To Transformational Leadership in the Workplace

Transformational leadership theories have gained ground in the workplace since the late seventies. James MacGregor Burns described it as a process by which "leaders and followers help each other to advance to a higher level of morale and motivation". Here are 3 practical steps you can take at work to support this goal.

Step 1: Encourage Information Flow

If you are managing a large group of people, are you aware of the issues that are being discussed amongst them? Do you know if there is anything that is hampering them from performing at their best and being motivated at work?

Information is vital, and it is easy to get into the habit where you are receiving information from a limited number of sources, such as your immediate reports. Set up channels where you can hear about important issues first hand. For example, structured focus groups, team building sessions or employee attitude surveys.

Step 2: Encourage Flexibility

If a sudden change where to come about in your business, how would your employees react? would the majority be fearful of change, or would they take it in their stride?

Provide your employees with continuous opportunities to learn new skills and cross train in different jobs. Then if you need to react quickly to changing business conditions, the process will be that bit easier.

Step 3: Encourage Involvement

Are you tapping into the ideas and suggestions of your employees? Often the smallest of changes in work practices can have a big impact on profits, whatever your line of business. Have an online suggestion scheme or regular team meetings where you actively seek out ideas for work improvement.

Many companies now expect their work teams to reach set goals on a regular basis, and this is another good opportunity for employee involvement. Brainstorming ideas for achieving goals at a local level can be very effective in building motivation and business results.

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Best wishes

Ann Halloran

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