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iManage, Issue #38 - 3 Steps to Making the Workplace a Funplace
May 06, 2013


iManage, Issue #38 - 3 Steps to Making the Workplace a Funplace

On a recent visit to the Google offices in Dublin, I was amazed at their incredible working environment.

Each floor of the building had a unique, attractive design, based on diverse themes such as the sea, the jungle and even the nightclub scene in Dublin. If Googlers wanted a change from their desk, there were plenty of attractive areas for them to sit with their laptops or even play a game of snooker.

Well stocked fridges, sweet counters and a coffee bar could be found on every floor. I could go on.. but what if you don't have a google sized budget, and you want to make your workplace a fun place?

Here are 3 simple but effective ideas.

Step 1: Focus on Your Canteen Areas

The office canteen or coffee dock is the main area that employees can go to and switch off for short periods in the working day.

Make it as inviting as you can. Can the decor be improved? The canteen in the City Bin Company has a sixties American diner feel.

Positive customer comments have been placed all over one of the walls - helping to generate a feelgood factor and boosting morale in the process.

Step 2: Don't Forget the Treats!

Having a team meeting? Make it more enjoyable with beverages and snacks - even a small box of fruit, nuts or sweets can do the trick. Some of your team might enjoy baking and could be encouraged to take turns in bringing in the goodies!

Marking staff birthdays with a cake at breaktime is also a thoughtful touch that staff appreciate. It is the small things that make the difference!

Step 3: Have a Break at Breaktime

Staff who work through lunch or have a quick sandwich eaten in front of a computer screen will be less productive in the long term - and are likely to be more irritable and less happy!

Can you organise nice walks around your premises so staff are encouraged to get some fresh air and exercise at breaktimes?

Short lunchtime yoga or mindfulness sessions will also help them to return to work fully refreshed.

If you provide food for your employees, give a varied menu. Include healthy options such as inviting salads, smoothies and vegetarian dishes - that won't send them to sleep after lunch.

Run a brainstorm session with your team to find more ideas to make your workplace a funplace and survey your staff at regular intervals to see what approaches are working.

Keep looking for new, innovative ways to help your staff think of work as a fun place to be - and your business will reap the rewards.

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Best wishes

Ann Halloran

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