The Importance Of Time Management In Reducing Harmful Stress

If you look at our daily lives, the importance of time management is becoming more of an issue. In today's world, we are surrounded by many time saving devices. Emails have reduced the need for "snail mail"; Video conferencing has reduced the need for overseas travel. Even in the kitchen, there are loads of devices to free up our time, from dishwashers to breadmakers.
BUT.. are we any less busy?

are you suffering from harmful stress because of poor time management?

Have you noticed that in general, people seem to have less time to talk to each other? Studies show that we are under a lot more time pressure and are suffering from more stress-related illnesses than in previous generations.

The importance of time management has become a 'hot topic' when I deliver management training workshops.

So what is time management about? If you want a definition of time management, It is not about helping you get everything done at an even faster pace. It is about taking back control of your life.

So where do you start?

The first step is to commit to change. What are the consequences if you don't change your time management habits? How is it affecting your health? your state of mind? your relationships? your work performance? Take yourself to a quiet space with no distractions and really think about this.

What does good time management mean to you?

is it..being more productive at work?   being able to sleep better at night?  having time to meet your friends? having time to play with your children?  being able to spend more quality time with your partner?

how much change do you need to make in your time management?

If you recognise the importance of time management, that is a valuable start. Now draw a line in the sand and commit to making a change and you can get back control of your life. You need to find out how you are spending it now, and identify how you would like it to be.

Select 3 days in a typical week. Every half hour, record in a diary or notebook how you have spent the previous half hour. (This won't work if you leave the analysis until the end of the day!). This takes some effort, but you are likely to be surprised at how much time you waste:

  • doing unnecessary tasks
  • doing repetitive tasks that could be done in a better way
  • being interrupted by others
  • being distracted by phone calls, emails and visitors etc.

Use this analysis as a starting point for change. Click on the links below to discover the next steps.

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