Improving Management Skills - The Essential Workbook Collection

Practical Tools for Effective Action

If you are concerned about improving management skills, or are new to management, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Managing people is not straightforward; everyone is different, and even an employee you know well can react in an unexpected way at times.

So as a manager, how can you make progress in improving management skills? Where do you start, and how do you know if you are on the right track?

And how can you manage yourself, so that others have respect for you and engage in achieving shared goals?

Many managers I know have shelf loads of management books which gather dust.

They complain of a feeling of "information overload" and frustration at not knowing where to begin improving management skills.

Download our Essential Management Skills Workbook Collection

This Collection is designed for the busy professional who needs to develop their personal and/or people management skills - in step by step, practical, bite-sized chunks.

It will increase your awareness of what you need to do in areas such as leadership and communication, so that you can build employee performance - and your business.

What makes it different?

Each workbook in the Collection is designed using the System 55© model - containing 5 questions and 5 tools on each specific topic to help you on the path to improving management skills.

We suggest that you progress through the workbooks in the order shown below. Allow yourself a period of time between each workbook, so that you can reflect on the learning and see the progress you are making in improving management skills.

We also suggest you keep a personal journal to jot down ideas and key points as they come to you.

What workbooks are included?

The Collection contains the following 6 workbooks - AND you receive 6 companion one hour webinar recordings - FREE:

Module 1 - How to Communicate Effectively

The essential framework which supports all other management skills. Explains how people communicate and what you need to do to connect better with others. Complete this one first.

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Module 2 - How to Present in Public

An extension of the first module. Being able to present with confidence to groups will help you establish yourself quickly in a management and leadership role - and will help grow your confidence.

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Module 3 - How to Manage Your Time and Wellbeing

This module will show you how to control your time - so it does not control you. Do this and you will win the respect of your team. Long term planning is also covered.

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Module 4 - How to Lead and Inspire Your Team

If you are a team leader, it is important to know the subtle difference between leadership and management. This module will help you develop both aspects of your role and recognise when each is appropriate.

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Module 5 - How to Build Motivation in the Workplace

A natural extension to the previous module; strong leadership is in itself a motivational factor. Learn more practical tips for building motivation and engaging employees in this module. Performance Management and Employee Appraisals are also covered.

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Module 6 - How to Manage Change

As a manager, you will have to manage both short term and long term change projects at work. This module provides valuable insights into how employees react to change, and the tools you can use to manage the people aspects of change so that it happens as smoothly as possible.

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Each workbook is valued at €24.75 each. (Total: €148.50). Format: PDF

Buy the series now and you can avail of a massive 20% discount.

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And there is more..

Each workbook is packaged with a companion one hour webinar recording.

In each webinar, you can listen to a 30 minute presentation which explores the specific topic, highlights the key points to remember and provides examples of how to put theory into practice.

An experienced guest speaker joins us on each webinar to share their views and give advice to attendees.

When you buy the Collection, you will receive all six webinar recordings valued at €35.00 each. (Total: €210.00) FREE.

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How much is the Collection?

Recommended Retail Price
6 workbooks x €24.75
6 webinar recordings x €35.00


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20% off workbooks
FREE webinar recordings


Final Price
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Still have questions?

Some of you might be thinking:

I'm not sure I have the time to read all this material..

That's OK. The Collection is designed as a series of six standalone modules - so you can finish one, take a break, and then start another when it suits your schedule.

What if I have trouble with the download?..

You will receive a next day personal reply to any email queries regarding the Collection. We can also talk through any issues you have over the phone.

I'm still not sure it will be worth the money..

The Collection is not "lightweight" - it is based on 30 years experience in the workplace. It is a distillation of best practice tips that work - and that you can apply straight away to make progress with improving management skills.

AND for up to two months after purchase, we offer a Refund Guarantee which means if you are not fully satisfied, we will return your money within 48 hours. So you have nothing to lose.

So let's review:

...for only €118.80 you receive:

  • The Essential Management Skills Workbook Collection containing 6 workbooks
  • Free 1 hour Companion Webinar Recordings x 6
  • Email or telephone support with downloads
  • 100% Refund Guarantee within two months of purchase

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