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If you are a leader and want to develop your leadership traits, then the How to Lead and Inspire Your Team Workbook is for you.

How often do you see employees join your organisation, full of enthusiasm and good will, only to have it evaporate after a few months?  Do you feel frustrated when your employees are performing at a "satisfactory" level, when you know they are capable of much more?

It is easy to feel that you have hired the wrong person for the job. Yet research shows that employees leave their manager, not their job. It is also a sobering thought that leadership drives employee engagement by as much as 70%.

So what does the Leadership Pack contain?

The Leadership Pack contains a 30 page How to Lead and Inspire Your Team Workbook and a 1 hour Webinar Recording.

It covers best practice leadership tips, whether you lead at a team, operational or strategic level and it gives you a step by step approach to create a leadership vision and advice on how to achieve it.

You will discover how to develop your leadership traits, engage your team and encourage them to be more creative at work.

The workbook included in the pack will provide you with a greater awareness of what is involved in this important role.

It is built using the System 55© model and contains:

Five Questions you need to consider about leadership:

  • What Makes a Good Leader?
  • What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management?
  • What is Your Level of Leadership?
  • What is the most appropriate Leadership Style?
  • How can you become a more Effective Leader?

Five Tools which give you a step by step process to follow. You will discover how to:

  • Recognise Your Values
  • Describe Your Vision
  • Identify Your Stakeholders
  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Support a Leadership Culture

Leadership Webinar

In the webinar included in the pack, we provide best practice tips assisted by guest speaker, Mary Hawkes-Greene, M.Ed, M.Sc International Business (TCD).

Mary is Co-Founder and President of the internationally renowned Burren College of Art, Co. Clare, Ireland and founder of the Burren Leadership Forum.

AND for up to one month after purchase, we offer a Refund Guarantee which means if you are not fully satisfied, we will return your money within 48 hours. So you have nothing to lose.

Other Managers Say...

The workbook and the webinar gave me a great insight into how to interact better with my team.

As a result I was able to turn a situation around where my staff were demotivated (due to a lack of work) to one where they made a real contribution to increasing sales.

I found the workbook clear and easy to follow. Leadership is a big topic but this workbook goes straight to the point."

Marie Greenaway, Lead Implementation Consultant, 3i-Infotech

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Follow the step by step guide outlined in this workbook so that you can develop your leadership traits and engage your team in reaching a high standard of performance.

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