Managing Change in the Workplace Overview

Discover how to manage change at work

If you are responsible for managing change in the workplace, then you need to be strategic if you want a successful outcome.

Change projects take time and resources. Many managers focus on the tangible aspects of change. They overlook the importance of the intangible aspects - such as how the team and others are likely to respond and engage in the change project.

Increase your awareness of the change management process and you will find that you can deal with change more effectively. This section provides you with practical tips to help you plan a way forward.

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Change Management Pack

Our Change Management Pack comes with a practical, step by step workbook to help you plan and manage change. It also comes with a one hour web video, where an experienced change management practitioner shares his experience and advice.

What is Change Management?

Includes a definition of change and how it can be managed at work. You will also find some interesting change quotes here.

Change Theories

Provides a brief description of change management theories developed by John Fisher and John Kotter. This explains the stages people move through in dealing with upheaval, and the steps needed to help them through the process.

Change Strategies

Here you will find some practical steps to take to keep your change initiative on track. You will learn the common reasons why plans sometimes fail - so that you don't make the same mistakes. You will also learn strategies to cope in a crisis situation.

Change Tools

Use these practical tools to help you manage the change management process in a structured way. Stakeholder Mapping, Culture Mapping and Forcefield Analysis are covered here.

Managing Change Forum

Get your change management questions answered here - or share your advice with others.

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Essential Management Skills Workbook Collection

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