Motivation In The Workplace Overview

Motivation in the workplace is a hot topic. One of the most difficult challenges that managers face is when employees "do enough to get by" - or even less!

If you want your business to be a success, you need employees who will "do that bit extra". Employees who are committed to building customer loyalty or getting work done before a deadline. I think of motivation as a "move to action". Unless your employees take action - you won't have a business!

So how can you get your employees motivated? Can you help them to come to work in a positive and enthusiastic state of mind?

There is no magic wand to create motivated employees. We are all human, and are motivated in different ways. Added to that, what motivates us as individuals will change as we go through our life stages.

As a manager, you need to get to know what motivates your employees at an individual level, on an ongoing basis. Here you will find out what is motivation, the key motivation theories and how they can be applied at work. Motivation techniques and self motivation tips are also covered.

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What is Motivation?

Here we look at the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and what we can do to motivate teams of people at work.

Motivation Theories

Motivation theories from Maslow, Herzberg and others are explained here. See how such theories can be applied in the workplace for motivating employees.

Motivation Techniques

Motivation techniques and tips on how to improve employee morale. The importance of employee training and development and how to set goals are covered here.

Self Motivation Tips

Self motivation tips to help you stay focused and positive. This section looks at the link between motivation and learning. It also covers how to use SWOT analysis to help improve your self motivation.

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