Want To Improve Your Performance Management System? Try These Performance Appraisal Tools

Performance appraisal tools such as 360 degree feedback, performance appraisal training and software may be of use to you if:

  • you are conducting performance appraisals but want to improve the system
  • you are introducing them for the first time in your business.

360 Degree Feedback

This highly effective tool involves an employee getting feedback not just from their manager, but also from their peers, their subordinates, their customers and so on.

Typically, up to six people are asked to complete an appraisal of the employee's performance.

I have found that the 360 degree appraisal forms are more likely to be returned if appraisers are asked in person for their feedback, rather than by email or phone.

I have also found that employees find descriptive comments made in the forms more useful than assessments made using tick boxes.

Ideally, have the employee pick the questions they want answered (from an approved list) by the feedback group.

360 degree feedback takes careful management and is best used where there is a good climate of trust and transparency in the business.

Performance Appraisal Training

Training for Appraisers should be provided at all levels in the business, to include:

  • the importance of the performance appraisal process
  • how to measure employee performance
  • how to communicate effectively on a one to one basis
  • how to manage the interview process
  • Role play is essential to practice appraisal interviewing skills in a safe environment.
  • Training for Appraisees is also necessary, to cover:
  • the purpose of the performance review system
  • how to complete a self appraisal form
  • their role in the interview
  • how the process is managed and what they can expect.

Click here if you would like to find out more about appraisal training workshops.

Performance Appraisal Software

Performance appraisals work best where discussions are held in person between the manager and the employee, as communication is usually more successful. Appraisal software can be a useful performance appraisal tool as long as it does not become a replacement for personal contact.

If you are using software at present, it may be worth conducting a survey to see if it is adding the the performance appraisal process.

If you are contemplating introducing software, use it first on a trial basis and get feedback from participants.

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