Presentation Skills Training - Webinar

During our presentation skills training courses, we hear lots of concerns from participants.

"I dread it. I get so nervous" 

"I am afraid the audience will get bored" 

"I am afraid my mind will go blank" 

"I get flustered too easily".

Concerns like these are extremely common. When you present, there is always a fear of the unknown; you do not know how you will feel on the day - or how the audience will react.

Our one hour webinar entitled "How to Present in Public" will give you tips on how to reduce that uncertainty - by getting your message across confidently and effectively. It covers advice on reducing nerves, organising your material, delivery do's and don'ts and how to manage the event.

Guest Speaker, Nichola Cannon, will also join us to give you tips on how to dress for success - your appearance when you present is an important part to get right.

Being a successful presenter is a great confidence builder. If you need to get results, then it is essential to do it well.

Date: 14 December 2010

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