Presentation Tips Overview

Do you get nervous at the thought of making a presentation? You are not alone! Here you will find presentation tips to help you plan, prepare and deliver with confidence.

Even the most successful presenters are tense before speaking to groups. But with the right approach, you can deliver well, overcome your public speaking fear and improve your self-confidence - which will give you loads of spin off benefits.

Here you will find advice on public speaking and how to overcome public speaking anxiety. You will also learn the difference between making a speech and facilitating a discussion - and how to adapt your style to suit.

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How to Present in Public Workbook

This workbook covers the 5 Questions to answer and 5 Tools to use to present in public with confidence and success.

It comes with a free Presentation Planner and a one hour webinar recording on the topic. You can also avail of personal coaching on your specific presentation event.

How to Make a Presentation Audio Guide

Download the Audio Guide to find answers to the key questions you have about making effective business presentations.

Presentation Ideas

Find ideas on how to give a talk using effective communication skills. Covers planning, preparation and event management.

Public Speaking Tips

How to improve your communication in business by speaking with confidence. Using body language and your tone of voice to deliver an excellent presentation speech. How to recognise the difference between presentation and facilitation and the way to approach both situations.

Fear of Public Speaking

How to overcome performance anxiety and reduce your public speaking fear.

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