Combat The Signs Of Stress With Our Time Management Webinar

It is no wonder that we experience signs of stress on a more regular basis in today's world. People increasingly expect us to be available 24/7 and the constant demands on our time can be difficult to manage in a productive way.

If you are constantly in a firefighting mode, it is more likely that you will end up experiencing physical symptoms of stress which could lead to burn out.

Some of the signs of stress to watch out for are feeling tired after a night's sleep, forgetting to eat, living on coffee and cigarettes and becoming short tempered and irritable.

Good time management can go a long way in helping us to spend our days in a calmer, more relaxed state of mind.

Our How to Manage Your Time and Wellbeing Webinar is designed to help you get back in control of your time.

You will discover how to:

  • identify where your time goes
  • be more productive
  • use tools to prioritise and plan your time
  • recognise your personal time wasters - and how to tackle them.

Guest speaker, Senator Fidelma Healy Eames, will join us for the final part of the webinar to talk about how she manages her hectic lifestyle, which involves a busy political career, extensive community work and family responsibilities.

Date: 18 January 2011

Download a recording of the webinar along with our companion How to Manage Your Time and Wellbeing Workbook.

You can also obtain it as part of a full webinar set in the Essential Management Workbook Collection.

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