Teamwork In The Workplace Overview

Have you ever wondered why some teamwork in the workplace can be very productive, whereas other teamwork just doesn't seem to be as effective?

In this section, you will discover how to build really effective teams. You will find out how teams develop and learn ideas for planning and organising their activities.

An awareness of how to build and manage teams will help you harness the creativity and skills of team members, so they can give their best and achieve results.

You will also find team building games and team exercises to make team meetings more productive and enjoyable.

What is Teamwork?

How to define teamwork; the difference between a team and a group of individuals. Looks at the life cycle of a team and how to decide on team roles based on popular theories.

Team Building Strategies

Identifies how to organise the work of teams and the teambuilding skills necessary for productive teams. Also covers team leadership skills.

Team Building Techniques

Covers team building activities that you can use to build cohesive teams. Includes team building icebreakers and ideas for team motivation.

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