Apply Theories Of Motivation With Our Practical Workbook


Research has shown that up to 1 in 5 employees are unhappy at work. As a manager, you can change this situation around by creating conditions that foster motivation.

So what does the Workbook contain?

The workbook uses the System 55© model and covers:

Five Questions you need to consider:

  1. What is Motivation?
  2. What are the lessons to learn from theories of motivation?
  3. How can you create a motivation culture in the workplace?
  4. How can you motivate employees at a personal level?
  5. How can you motivate yourself at work?

Five Tools which give you a step by step process in order to:

  1. INSPIRE Your Employees
  2. Manage Employee Performance
  3. Have an Effective Performance Appraisal System
  4. Conduct Appraisal Interviews
  5. Manage 360 Degree Feedback

How do I know if it is worth the investment?

Our material is not "lightweight" - it is based on 30 years experience in the workplace. The workbook is packed with practical tips on applying the theories of motivation that you can use immediately.


  • the top 5 steps for motivating yourself and others at work
  • how to recognise and deal with touch points in a performance management system
  • what pitfalls to avoid when conducting performance appraisals - and how to make them really effective.

It comes packaged with a recording of our Motivation Webinar, covering theories of motivation and key concepts from the Workbook.

In the webinar we provide best practice tips assisted by guest speaker, David Straker, founder of
David is an established consultant, educator, coach and author in business and personal change. He has extensive business experience and balances deep understanding of people and processes with pragmatic application.

AND for up to one month after purchase, we offer a Refund Guarantee which means if you are not fully satisfied, we will return your money within 48 hours. So you have nothing to lose.

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Still Having Doubts?

I'd like to eliminate them. Some of you might be thinking:

I'm not sure I have the time to read another workbook..

That's OK. The book can be used as a handy reference point; just dip in and out of sections as you need them.

What if I have trouble with the download?..

You will receive a next day personal reply to any email queries regarding the workbook and the webinar.

So let's review:

...for only €24.75 you receive:

  1. The “How to Build Motivation in the Workplace Workbook
  2. A free copy of the Companion Webinar Recording
  3. 100% money back guarantee

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