Time Management in the Workplace

People suffering from poor time management in the workplace are easy to recognise. They are the people who work consistently long hours. They tend to appear tired and stressed, most of the time.

They believe they are doing the best for their business. Yet these are often the people who make mistakes, miss deadlines, forget to attend meetings and are short tempered with their colleagues. If you recognise some or all of these signs in yourself, it may be time to take action. 

Efficient managers do the job right. Effective managers do the right job.

time management in the workplace

Do you hang on to tasks because you like them? Because you think its quicker to do it yourself? Because you have always done it? Research shows that the most effective managers spend their time on high value tasks. Learn the difference between working smarter and not harder. 

Here are 3 steps that can make a positive impact in getting back control of your time:

1. Don't start a job unless you can finish it

Divide your day into half hour blocks and plan ahead. Do you tend to start tasks and then put them into the pending tray once the going got tough? When you pick up that task again, it can take 15 minutes to refresh your mind and get back to the point where you left it.

If time is limited, tackle smaller tasks that you know you can finish.

2. Value your time

How much do you get paid an hour? can you delegate certain tasks to someone at a lower rate of pay, freeing you up to do what you do best? Is outsourcing work an option? Take a step back and identify the low value tasks that eat up your time.

3. Take control of your time wasters

Ineffective meetings, constant emails and phone calls, people dropping in unexpectedly. Time wasters can have a major impact on your time management in the workplace. Take three days in a typical week and analyse where your time goes, every 30 minutes. This will be a real eye opener.

Focus in on what is wasting your time and resolve to do something about it.

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