Top 7 Characteristics of a Good Manager

by Wayne Hartzell
(Alexandria, VA USA)

Hi Ann - Very informative website! I think there are "several" qualities/characteristics that define a good manager. From my personal experience some of the "key" characteristics are:

a) FAIRNESS: - This is paramount to your effectiveness. You need to demonstrate parity/fairness in your governing style from the beginning.

b) ETHICAL STANDING: - In anything you do, you must demonstrate a fair and balanced ethical approach and style in how you manage others.

c) HONESTY: - Honesty is the best policy - and effective managers are honest in their business management day to day activities. This applies to both written and oral communication.

d) LEAD BY EXAMPLE: - You need to be able to manage and lead by your example, never ask your team to do something you would not do yourself.

e) POSSESS KEEN JUDGEMENT/INSIGHT: A good manager has the wisdom and discernment to make the tough decisions that need to be made.

f) POSSESS GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS: - A good manager must be able to communicate fairly both in written and in oral speech to his/her team in order to be understood.

g) INTEGRITY: - This is probably the most important quality. Your integrity defines not only who you are as a manager - but more importantly who you are as a person.

You must value integrity at all costs. If you compromise your integrity in the organisation or in dealings with the people you have been "entrusted to lead and manage", you will have forever lost your effectiveness as a manager.


Ann's Comments...
Thanks Wayne, for taking the time to post your views!

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