Explore the Types of Leadership that Work in our Webinar

Successful leaders are all around us, whether they coach the local soccer team, run a successful organisation or have a political career.

They may display different types of leadership - and yet they all seem to work. So if you have to lead and inspire others, how do you decide on the right approach?

To get advice, listen to our fifth webinar in the practical management series: How to Lead and Inspire Your Team.

The webinar is designed to explore:

  • What makes a good leader?
  • What are the differences between leadership versus management?
  • How do you find a leadership style that works for you?
  • How can you help your team to be more creative and reach their full potential?
  • How can you develop and support leaders in your organisation?

This webinar will build your awareness of the important factors around leadership and give you practical tips that you can use straight away.

We will be joined by Mary Hawkes-Greene, M.Ed, M.Sc International Business (TCD), Co-Founder and President of the internationally renowned Burren College of Art, Co. Clare, Ireland.

Through the Burren Leadership Forum, she has facilitated discussion, learning, reflection and debate on the areas of leadership, creativity, purpose and effectiveness in business, the arts, community and public service.

Date: 22 March 2011

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