Discover What Makes a Good Leader

What makes a good leader? We all know leaders both at work and in the world at large who have inspired us. But  Is it possible to develop leadership skills?

In the fast changing workplaces of today, we need leaders who can inspire others when the road ahead seems uncertain. Leaders who can encourage people to overcome their fears and embrace change.

If you could develop your leadership skills and influence others in a positive sense, think about what that would mean in the workplace - and in your private life.

In this section, you will learn about leadership theories and how they can be applied on a day to day basis. You will read about the traits of a good leader and different leadership styles. Increasing your awareness of what is involved is the first step on the road to becoming a truly effective leader.

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Leadership Definition

Examines how you might define leadership to help you on your path to becoming a better leader.

Leadership Theories

Describes the work of John Adair and others. Discover how leadership theory can be applied in the workplace.

Leadership versus Management

Recognise the subtle differences between leadership and management in the workplace. Are you a manager or a leader?

Leadership Characteristics

Discover the traits and characteristics of effective leaders. What you see in others you possess yourself.

Leadership Styles

Learn the different styles of leadership and when they are best used. Covers transactional leadership, transformational leadership and more.

Facilitative Leadership

Focuses on facilitative leadership; how to get the best from others to unleash the potential of your workforce.

Leadership Training

Avail of our proven programme for building awareness and developing skills in your leaders.

Leadership Advice

Use our leadership forum to get advice on your leadership issue, or to share your advice with others.

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