What Makes A Good Manager?

What Makes a Good Manager?

You may have worked for a manager that really impressed you - what was their secret?

You may have learned some valuable lessons through experience that you could share with others.

OR you may know of a manager whose example is so bad you know how NOT to behave in a management role.

We would love to hear your views!

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Always listen to your staff. It's irrelevant what you think about what they have to say. What IS important is they feel they have been heard. A problem …

Top 7 Characteristics of a Good Manager 
Hi Ann - Very informative website! I think there are "several" qualities/characteristics that define a good manager. From my personal experience some of …

Value your Staff and Customers 
When it comes to the traits of a good manager we often think of skills such as being a great communicator, organizing our time effectively, project management …

They Aren't Robots 
Great managers understand people take jobs for a variety of reasons. They often view the position from a much different perspective than the supervisor. …

Having Credibility 
I'm a supervisor of a team of about 15. I try to make sure I am a people person and run my business / department to show them that my job is to act …

Know and Release Your People 
A good manager takes time to understand her team. She discovers their primary learning intelligences and motivational pattern. She knows which style of …

Why Manage when you can Coach 
Management is an essential element in all business teams. In my experience a succesful manager inspires, motivates and coaches their people to become …

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