Why are employees so resistant to change?

by John

We recently introduced new equipment which will make our work processes easier and faster. Yet the employees working on the line are complaining and refuse to co-operate. What should I do?

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Managing Resistance to Change
by: Ann

Hi John
It is very common that people resist change - they typically want to keep the status quo. They are often fearful of what change might bring. So the key is good communication and patience.

Talk to your team on an individual and team basis. Listen to their concerns and put yourself in their shoes.

Take small steps towards change, and publicise your success.It may take time to win everyone over, and there will always be some who will remain resistant.

Find those in your team who like change and encourage them to spread the word - they will influence others in a positive way.

Above all, don't lose heart! It often takes quiet determination and persistence to handle change successfully.

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