Why Do People Procrastinate? 3 Steps to Moving Forward

OK, I admit it, I don't rush to write posts every month. I had a great track record in the beginning (I started 5 years ago) but it is becoming harder to keep it up. 

Which got me thinking, why do people procrastinate?

Why do I do everything else before putting pen to paper, even though I have this guilty feeling hanging over me? 

Here are the reasons why I think I procrastinate and what I need to do about it. And maybe these steps might be of use to you!

1. Involve Others

I know that the more feedback I get, the more I am encouraged to write. So I need to share my blog posts on relevant social media sites and allow people to comment.

Similarly,  if you have a task that you just can't seem to get to,  why not discuss it with your manager or peers and get encouragement or advice? Or look for support online?

I once had a goal to increase my web traffic over a set period and posted my progress regularly on a forum. Because it was in the public domain, I felt I had to achieve it - and the pressure worked!

2. Visualise the Outcome

Sometimes I forget why I am doing posts, so it is good to remind myself. I like to think I am providing some useful insights for people who follow my practical management skills website. I also want to build my online presence. And I want to create material that I can repackage into a book, both hard and softcopy. 

If you have a goal you are procrastinating over, it could be that you feel it is of no real benefit. If that really is the case, well maybe you need to stop doing it!

Or could it open a door to a great opportunity? Perhaps you have forgotten the reason why you are doing it and you need to revisit the long term outcome.

For example, it would be really easy for you to skip that evening class after work.. but you know it is an important step towards changing your career. To keep yourself going,  visualise yourself in your new surroundings once you reach that step and imagine how great that would feel.

3. Just Do It!

Sometimes you just have to jump in and make a start, and once you get going it isn't so bad.

Too much thinking about it can be counterproductive!

It can help to break the task down into smaller steps so it doesn't feel that you have a big mountain to climb. Or maybe start a timer on your desktop to keep you focused.

Or even put the smartphone away for a while so you won't be put off your stride.

Now that I am at the end of writing this post, I feel so much better already. Finally, any feedback or advice on how you deal with procrastination would be most welcome, it could help me when writing the next post!

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