Why Manage when you can Coach

by Imelda McGrattan
(Dingle, Co Kerry)

Sales Strategist

Sales Strategist

Management is an essential element in all business teams. In my experience a succesful manager inspires, motivates and coaches their people to become the best version of themselves. They possess excellent communitcation skills, empathy and emotional intelligence. They have the ability to manage with fairness and firmness.

If HR has performed the job of recruitment effectively and employed the right people for the job required to be done today, managers need to coach and develop these employees through a process of continous improvement to become the right people to do the job tomorrow in our ever evolving business worlds.

Managers need to hold the company vision utmost in their minds and encourage the staff to buy in and deliver excellence to the customer time after time.

Managers need to identify the key skills in individuals that have the most benefit to the business and utilise them effectively, creating out of the box thinking, new ideas and concepts through teamworking and collaboration.

By: Imelda McGrattan,
Dingle, Co Kerry, Ireland
email: img4sales@gmail.com

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